Meet James

James is a young, professional in his 20’s. He is a university graduate from Armidale, currently living in Sydney. He has a reasonably paying job and some surplus income. He was looking to kick start his savings to eventually purchase his first home. He had a few small debts on credit cards and knew he needed to get rid of his debts prior to purchasing his first home. He wanted to get his finances sorted to ensure his surplus income is not wasted.

Where We Started

James was unsure where to invest his savings, which are currently all sitting in his bank account. He wanted to buy a house however didn’t know how to grow his wealth. He still wanted to enjoy life and has recently found a partner who shares the same goals. James main concerns were:

  • Savings are good – what should he do with the surplus?
  • Making the most of his career progression and expected pay rises
  • Saving for and buying a house
  • Protecting his lifestyle

What We Did Together

What we did with James was to:

  • Introduced cash flow and savings behaviour that is supported through the use of online tools.
  • Referred him to our property specialist to buy his first investment property in Brisbane to build equity.
  • Put in place insurances to protect him and his partner to protect their lifestyle.
  • Reviewed his superannuation – creating wealth long term – a little now means a lot later!
*This scenario is based on a real client situation, however names have been changed to protect privacy