Meet Carol

Carol is in her early 80s and widowed after a 55 years of marriage. She had been a homemaker and was heading into new territory taking on sole responsibility for her finances. During the advice process, Carol’s health deteriorated to the point where she needed a high level of care.

Where We Started

Carol had received a sum of money and was anxious to make the most of it. She needed answers to questions about:

  • Making decisions for her living arrangements.
  • Funding her aged care costs.
  • Deciding whether to sell her home.
  • Making sure that her family were on the same page with her estate planning.
  • We discussed these issues over several months with Carol and worked with her to create a solution.

What We Did Together

  • We worked closely with Carol to determine the best way to fund the cost of her aged care.
  • We worked closely with an Estate Planning specialist to clarify and communicate Carol’s wishes to her family members.
*This scenario is based on a real client situation, however names have been changed to protect privacy